France longboarding with Ben Pellet

We recently added French longboarder Ben Pellet to our flow team and within a few days he sent us some banger photos captured by Damian McArthur. We took a few minutes to ask Ben some questions that you can read below. Welcome to the team Ben and we are excited to see what you can do on our wheels.

What Was Ben Riding?

Meet Ben Pellet

Q. Where are you from?

A. So, first of I'm from Morzine, which is a small resort town in the French Alps, just next to Switzerland. This area is the place to be for longboarding! There are spots everywhere!

Q. How long have you been longboarding?

A. I have been longboarding for three years now. The first two years I was enjoying freestyle and dancing, but it was limited in this town. After I met more longboarders we started riding more and now we're still riding and trying to ride everyday. That's the perfect deal to ride with them because they have different styles of riding. One guys is more interested in downhill and the other one is more interested in freeride, but that pushes me a lot to learn stand up slide, taking speed, everything else.

Where were the photos taken?

These photo are taken at my favorite spot, "Les Lindarets", that's maybe at 10 minutes from home and it has 13 turns! That's the place to shred! We organised an event this years at the spot and it was was incredible!

What wheels were you riding?

During this session I was riding Slide 83A and Mini slide 86A. Slides are pretty fun and what a smooth you can get on them. That's a great choice for freeriding and having fun!

What longboard and trucks were you riding?

I was also riding an Alternative Longboard deck, the bunting and the chauma on sabre and Atlas Trucks.

Photos by Damian McArthur

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