How Does Longboarder Rosanne Steeneken Roll?

Rosanne Steeneken is pushing the longboard game in the Netherlands and we just got a chance to ask her e a few questions about the 2015 longboarding season. Checkout the photos, wheels of choice and Q&A with Rosanne below.

Thanks for the photos Annet De Rooij and Ingmar Solissa!

How Does Rosanne Roll?

Q&A With Rosanne Steeneken

Q. What was the 2015 longboard season like for you?

A. Awesome! I got to skate KNK in Slovenia, which featured 18 hairpins of goodness. I also met a lot of cool new people.

A. What was your favorite trip?

A.The trip to Slovenia for sure. We crossed the border to Croatia five times to explore nature and search for longboard spots. The weather went crazy for three days, so we skated in the rain a lot.

Q. Who did you longboard with this summer?

A.We always make trips with the Dutch Downhill Division. So, with all of my lovely dutch friends.

Q. What was your favorite wheel this summer and why?

A.I skated the Ozone 83a at KNK. That is perfect for gripping small corners, but still slides smooth on the fast leftys.

Q. What board were you riding?

A.DB Longboards of course. The Keystone 39" and the Robot Special.

What events did you attend this year?

A.Wallonhill Indian Summer – KNK Longboard Camp and we made a lot of small trips to our neighbors.

If you could recommend any Cloud Ride Wheel to anyone what would it be?

A.The mini Ozone line-up for sure.

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