Longboarding : Local Run feel Good with Ben Pellet

New video of flow team rider Ben Pellet riding through the French Alps on our soon to be released Storm Chasers.

Snag Some Wheels!

Catch Up With Ben

Q. What are your local longboard spot(s) like?

A. I have nearly six spots 15 minutes from home. The major part of them are fast freeride spots with many turns where we take around 60 km/h /70 km/h and the other are more downhill with straight part and 5-6 turns.

Q. What were you riding in this video?

A. I was riding my Alternative Fantail 2016 on Altas Ultralight 48° and Cloud ride Storm Chasers (Thanks to Brian Scott Adkins to give me them for a try ! grin emoticon ). It's a great all around setup for downhill and freeride!

Q. What is your favorite spot?

A. My favorite kind of spot is the fast freeride spot where you can do every kind of riding. Catch some speed and shred the technical parts! I love that because we can always change our kind of riding and that's really fun!

Q. What are your plans for the 2016?

A. For 2016, I'm looking to do some event in France and I'm gonna also particapte to the french championniship in Peyragude in August. After that I will have to wait and see, but I will skate a lot for sure.

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