The Storm Chasers Are Real!

The Storm Chasers are real! The ultimate longboard race wheel from Cloud Ride, these wheels are fast, grippy and resilient. Our mystical Dark Matter Urethane bestows ridiculously smooth slides for pre-drifting and unparalleled control. Also fresh out of the Cloud Ride R&D lab is the supportive, ridged "Thunder Core" which creates insane roll speed and is center set for even wear. The Stormchasers are a game changer and must-have for any serious downhill skater.

Durometer: 77a

Diameter: 73mm

Contact Patch: 66mm

Core: Center Set

Lip Style: Square Lip

Finish: Mold Release

What is Dark Matter Urethane? 

Our Dark Matter Urethane features a unique molecular weight, which makes up for the loss of roll speed on varying surfaces. Our new formula features a mold release that is extremely resilient at first, but after you get through the glossy outer layer provides a nearly perfect and predictable slide. 

Why a new core? 

We wanted a new core that is more supportive and reliable influencing the overall roll speed of the wheel. We achieved this by developing a 12-ribbed fiber reinforced core. Our new Thunder Core features an increased surface area, which helps create a superior bond that reduces energy loss across different types of pavement. 

The combination of our new Dark Matter Urethane and Thunder Core create a new one of a kind race wheel.

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