A year on a longboard with Anton Linden

Team rider Anton Linden traveled a ton last summer to longboard around Europe and we recently caught up with him to see how the summer went. Checkout his words, videos and photos below.

What Was Anton Riding?

2015 Longboard Season in Review with Anton

I’ve been talking lately with our team-dad Matt on doing a blog post about something from the 2015 longboard season. I gave it a little thought, and what I decided to write about is the trip I’ve done this year, which is something I encourage others to do aswell! You meet such awesome people everywhere in the world, showing you their local spots, giving you a lift, food and beds. But doesn’t it cost a lot of money? Well, it does. After one and a half year of saving, it was worth it and more than that!

I started off in New Zealand, the country where my boards (Acid Longboards) are made and the probably the place with the smallest, but coolest skating scene I’ve ever seen. You see everything from kids to 55 year olds skating everything from trashy ramps to sketchy patched open roads. People are hosting outlaws frequently and closed road races to push the scene forward, which is really cool.

Literally, the second day after I landed in New Zealand I attended this awesome outlaw hosted by Auckland-local Larry.

I quickly went down the country to explore more of it. I flew down to Christchurch and took a bus to a little town close to it, where four Christchurch locals hosted one of the greatest races I’ve been to. Everyone was there, we had lots of really tight runs and everyone was so stoked.

I later decided to go even further down to a city called Queenstown which had like 5 guys actively skating, or 4, since one of them had a broken wrist, which was awesome in one way because he just loved to see us skating his own spots. Thanks Budi! Luckily, I found my team-bro Patrick Lombardi there, so I wasn’t alone. I’ll just let the footage explain the experience.

Patrick Lombardi & Anton Lindén On Cloudride Wheels

After Queenstown, I went back to my board building bro Antony for a couple of days to chill out before the first IDF competition in New Zealand on Mt.Ruapehu. I can describe the event in two sentences, shitloads of rain, and ridiculously fun nights. I crashed hard and hit my head making me pass out for a while in the courter final, but had lots of fun anyways.

I went back to Sweden and worked for the boardshop I’m riding for, pretty hills there aswell to skate to prepare for the eurotour only months away!

Barefoot Skating in Sweden

Acid Longboards Mini Edit featuring the Cloudride Ozone 80a

Team rider Anton in a mini edit.Setup:Acid 8-track DKAtlas trucksCloudride Ozone 80a

Posted by Acid Longboards on Friday, June 26, 2015

Acid Longboards Mini Edit featuring the Storm Chaser Prototypes

Team rider Anton is soon on the eurotour, while he is waiting, he skates this.

Posted by Acid Longboards on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time went by fast, really fast. I got my new leather and I was all ready for the IDF-eurotour. First stop, Norway, Lillyhammer, to Czech Republic, kozakov, to Slovenia, KNK, and the last stop Italy, Verdicchio. The competitions and parties were amazing, but it wasn’t what I felt was the best about the tour. The absolutely best experiences I had was with my friends, on top of a mountain just pointed out on a map with our fingers, the late nights and the early morning skate sessions, and everything inbetween! The media here includes a really long raw run from one of the highest roads in Europe. It was a pure pleasure to skate.

The French Alps - Anton Lindén and Deen Mondt

I hope you enjoyed my story from the year I’ve had and all the footage I brought! I also hope that you get encouraged to do something similar, because I promise you, you grow not just as a skater, but as a person, and you get so many life long memories. Go hard, get up and don’t be a vegetable, use your helmet!

I’m out

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