Wheel Design & Shape

Wheel shape and lip profile plays a big part in how a wheel performs. Wheels are made in a wide variety of heights, widths, and lip shapes. Choosing the right shape is critical to the overall performance of your board.

Square Lip

Square (or Sharp-Lipped) wheels are designed to grip well by providing maximum contact patch. The thinner sharp lip edge deforms more when force is applied and conforms to the riding surface.


Square Lip Wheel Samples

Round Lip

Round Lip (or Radiused) Wheels have a thicker, rounded lip edge that will keep its shape when force is applied. A round lip will not conform to the riding surface and will allow the wheel to break into a slide easily.


Round Lip Examples

Beveled Lip

Beveled lips (Chamfer Lip) are machined at an angle to the rest of the wheel are essentially in-between a round and square lip. This provides a balance between the two, offering consistent shape that can grip or slide as needed.

Beveled Lip Wheels Examples